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Here's a List of the Most Common Questions


We’re here to help provide driving instruction to drivers of all ages and of all skill levels.  Understanding the steps involved with earning a Virginia learner’s permit or driver’s license, what to do if you fail a DMV test three times, or how a driver improvement program works can be challenging.  Below you’ll find a list of the most common questions we receive and answer on a regular basis.


In Virginia, you must be 15 years and 6 months old to be eligible for a Learner’s Permit.


Yes.  You can begin taking your Driver’s Ed course before you receive your Learner’s Permit.  

Completing Driver’s Ed first will actually help you with the Learner’s Permit test at the DMV.

Additionally, we offer a Learner’s Permit Prep class that will help you prepare as well.  View more info here.


You must be 16 years and 3 months old, and have had a Learner’s Permit for a minimum of 9 months before you are eligible to receive a Driver’s License.

If you’re over the age of 18, you have two options.  First, you can take the road test at the DMV if you’ve had your Learner’s Permit for a minimum of 60 days.  Secondly, as long as you have completed a Driver’s Education course, you can waive the 60 day waiting period by completing 14 periods of Behind the Wheel with us.


As Virginia follows a “graduated” licensing scale, generally the steps for earning your license in Virginia are:

Receiving your Learner’s Permit

Completing Driver’s Education

Completing Behind the Wheel


Yes.  We offer a DMV approved Online Driver’s Education course.  

View more info about this course here.


Yes.  We offer a DMV approved Online Driver Improvement course.

Learn about the course here.


Yes, twice a week.  Learn more about this class here.


Yes.  You can begin taking Behind the Wheel lessons while working on your Driver’s Ed course, as long as it is with the same school.

For example, if you are currently taking our Online Driver’s Ed course, you can begin taking your Behind the Wheel lessons at the same time.

You cannot, however, begin Behind the Wheel when enrolled in Driver’s Ed at two different schools.



In short, Behind the Wheel is an in-car instruction based program designed to teach students to safely navigate today’s roads.

As required by the Virginia DMV, Behind the Wheel consists of fourteen (14) periods of instruction.

Seven (7) of these periods are observation, where you observe others driving.

Seven (7) of these periods are driving, where you physically drive while others observe you.

During the process, you’re performance is critiqued and recorded by a licensed instructor.  They will provide you with constant feedback, tips and techniques to help build your confidence and develop safe driving skills.

You can start the process of enrolling in our Behind the Wheel program here.


Yes.  You can take an 8-hour Driver Improvement class to earn five (5) positive points to your license.

Bear in mind, however, that this does not apply to those that were ordered to attend an 8-hour Driver Improvement class by the Virginia DMV or by a court.


We sure do.  Private Lessons are one of our most popular services, for drivers of all ages.

Our instructors work with students to provide the basics and help develop their safe driving skills, prior to completing Behind the Wheel or taking a road test at the DMV.

You can enroll in Private Lessons by clicking here.


Great question.  We offer driving instruction services to teens and adults alike.


We sure do.  Visit our Offers page to view current and limited time only offers.  

Additionally, we advertise across a number of different mediums, and you can find additional discounts and offerings on social media, in print such as high school newsletters and yearbooks, as well as public newspapers.


If you failed either part of the Learner’s Permit test three times, you are required to complete an 8-hour Driver’s Manual/Re-Examination class before you will be allowed to retake the test.

Learn more here.


We certainly can.  After failing the road test three times, you are required to complete seven (7) periods of the driving portion of Behind the Wheel before being able to take the road test for a fourth time.

Enroll in our In-Car Re-Examination program here.


Yes, you certainly can.  For those that have failed their road test at the DMV three times and are currently enrolled in our in-car re-examination course, you can use our school’s car for your next road test after you’ve completed the class.

Ask your instructor for additional details and fees associated.


The first suggestion is for you to slow down!  That said, depending on the ticket (whether or not it was reckless), we encourage you to complete our 8-hour Driver Improvement course before your court date.  

By doing so, you can provide the judge with the certificate of your class completion, which may have an impact on the outcome.  

Additionally, depending on your situation, you may be ordered to attend a Driver Improvement class anyway as part of the judge’s decision.  

If you received a reckless driving ticket, it is suggested that in addition to the Driver Improvement class that you also complete our 4-hour Aggressive/Reckless Driving class as well.  

You can learn more here.

In short, yes.  Generally, depending on the circumstances, the DMV will require you to complete certain steps before having your license reinstated.  

As different circumstances may apply, we encourage you to contact us directly at (540) 841-6327 for additional information.

You can view prices for each of our services on their respective pages, or look at overall pricing here.

Your personal information is required for form completion and record keeping in compliance with the rules and regulations set forth by the Commonwealth of Virginia and the DMV.

The information we collect from you is kept private and secure.  You can learn more by reviewing our Privacy Statement here.


While we aim to deliver exceptional service to all students, there are times when we are limited on the scope of what we can provide.  

We encourage you to contact us directly to discuss further.

Depends on whether you’re completing classroom or in-car instruction.  

In-car lessons are scheduled between you and your instructor, taking into account your needs.

Classroom lessons typically follow the schedule outlined here.


Once the schedule has been set with your instructor, they will pick you up for your in-car lessons unless you specify otherwise.

Additionally, pick up service is available under certain circumstances for classroom instruction.  Contact us directly for more information.

Yes, we most certainly do.  We regularly hold special sessions for companies ranging from driver improvement courses to an overview of safe driving principles.

For info on how we can help your company, learn about our business solutions here.

Our normal office hours are Monday-Friday, 8am-7pm, Saturday and Sunday from 8am-5pm.  

Our headquarters is located at:

46 Joseph Mills Dr

Fredericksburg, VA 22408


Yes.  We are always looking to expand our service area and bring more driving instruction to those in our communities.  

You can view more information by clicking here.


We accept cash, checks, money orders and all major credit cards for payment.

For planning and scheduling purposes, we ask that any foreseeable absences be brought to our attention immediately so that accommodations be made.

In emergencies, please contact us directly at 540-841-6327.  

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