Learner’s Permit
Preparation Class


Get a Jumpstart with Our Learner’s Permit Preparation Class

Have a new driver preparing for their Learner’s Permit test? Our Learner’s Permit Preparation Class is for them! During this classroom session, new drivers will receive top-notch instruction from an experienced instructor on subject matter that the test will cover, plus real life examples and tips that will help them along the way. Students receive training on the rules of the road, the different road signs they may encounter, school zone safety and rules and much more.

Learner’s Permit Preparation Classes Set the Foundation for the Road Ahead

Our Learner’s Permit Preparation Class will also provide the foundation for new drivers to prepare them for their Driver’s Education course, giving them an advantage as they continue their journey towards earning their driver’s license. The mission at 2020 Driving School is to develop safer, smarter drivers, and our Learner’s Permit Preparation Class is a critical component of developing the needed skills early to prepare new drivers for the varying road conditions ahead.

With Learner’s Permit Preparation, students will receive

  • Knowledge of Virginia Road Signs

  • Introduction to Virginia Traffic Laws

  • Basics of the Driver’s Licensing Process

We Help Set the Stage for Safe Driving

This instruction is provided in a classroom setting, and is a perfect pair for our Private Lessons, which gives new drivers a head start with classroom and in-car training.

Our Learner’s Permit Preparation classes are great for all new drivers, no matter their age. Each student will receive the same focused, engaging instruction to ensure the principles are retained.

Learner’s Permit Preparation classes are held on a rolling schedule, throughout the year, on varying dates and at varying times. For a listing of upcoming classes and to enroll, or for questions and additional information, contact us directly.

Save Money with Our New
Driver Packages

2020 Driving School offers significant money saving options for new driver instruction. As a primary component of earning a driver’s license in Virginia, Driver’s Education classes are included in each one of our New Driver Packages.