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Driving Lessons Are Scheduled Throughout the Year


Here’s an overview of our course schedule.  If you have special scheduling needs for classroom instruction, please contact us directly to explore your options.  We’d be glad to help in any we can!

Special requests for scheduling for in-car instruction should be brought to the attention of your instructor as soon as possible so that arrangements can be made.

Fredericksburg Location Classroom Session Schedule

Every Second Tuesday:

Every Thursday:

Every Friday:

Every Saturday:

Every Sunday:

Every day of the week:


* :  Escort Vehicle Driver Training classes are typically held every second Tuesday of the month.  We do, however, routinely hold more frequent classes based on request.  Please contact us directly for additional information.

Additional Scheduling Information

Classroom and in-car instruction schedules may change based upon Holidays.  Ask your instructor or contact us for Holiday closings.  Closings and/or rescheduling of classes may occur for unforeseen reasons, and your instructor will give you as much notice in advance of such a change as possible.

Both classroom and in-car lessons are also weather dependent.  In case of an unsafe weather condition, scheduling changes may occur.  You can learn more about our Inclement Weather policy here.

Changes in scheduled classroom and in-car instruction will be communicated to students either by their instructor, our office staff and will also be posted on our social media pages.

We're here to help.

Have scheduling questions or in need of additional info? Reach out to us, we’d be glad to help in anyway possible.

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