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Employment Opportunities



2020 Driving School prides itself on the experience and professionalism of our instructors and staff.  As an equal employment opportunity employer, we’re always looking for additional team members to help expand our footprint and bring instruction to more areas. 

Full-time and part-time positions are always available.  Administrative positions typically are for our Fredericksburg headquarters, with instructor positions available throughout the region.

Compensation for instructors is based upon lessons provided, experience, and skillsets.  Administrative positions are either hourly or salary, depending upon position filled, experience and skillsets. 

Prerequisites for instructors

As of August 2018, In order to provide Behind the Wheel, Driver’s Education and Re-Examination instruction, one must have completed two college-level courses (EDU-114 and EDU-214), pass a background check and be approved by the Virginia DMV.

For instructors that are currently employed with other driving schools, there is typically a thirty (30) day wait to receive your new instructor license, once approved by the DMV.

Escort Vehicle Driver Training and Driver Improvement instructors must pass a background check, complete a “train-the-trainer” program related to the subject, and be approved by the Virginia DMV. 

For other driving instruction, one must pass a background check and complete training provided by 2020 Driving School. 

Driving instructors will be assigned specific “zones” in relation to where they live or work, and must be flexible to provide lessons wherever needed. 

Administrative staff positions

Persons seeking employment as a member of our administrative staff must have the following:


Those interested in applying or a position are encouraged to complete the form below, or to reach our Fredericksburg headquarters by phone anytime at (540) 841-6327.

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