8-Hour Virginia
Driver's Manual Course

For Those in Need of a Failed Three Times / Re-Examination Class

Failed a DMV Test 3 Times?

If you failed the learner’s permit test or knowledge test at the DMV three times, you’re required to complete an 8-hour Virginia Driver’s Manual / Re-Examination class before you’re able to retake your test again.  Our three times failure / re-examination class covers the Virginia driver’s manual in its entirety, helping prepare you not only for your next test, but for the road ahead.

After successfully completing this course, students are provided with the necessary documentation to provide to the DMV in order to take their exam again.  2020 Driving School’s 8-hour Virginia Driver’s Manual three times failure / re-examination class is held on Saturdays, beginning at 9am.  Breaks are given throughout the session.

Course Price:  $275.00  $225.00 Summer Special!

Basis for the Three Times Failure /
Re-Examination Class

If you fail the knowledge exam three times at a DMV customer service center, either while attempting to earn your learner’s permit or your driver’s license in Virginia, you will not be allowed to take it for a fourth time until you have completed an 8-hour driver’s manual / re-examination class. 

For Learner's Permit:

If you are under age 18, by law you must wait a full 15 days before you can retake the exam. For example, if you fail the test on January 1, the earliest you would be eligible to take the test again is January 17.

If you are age 18 or older, you must pay a $2.00 re-examination fee if you retake the exam within 15 days.

Regardless of age, if you fail the two-part knowledge exam three times, you must complete the classroom session before testing again.

For Driver's License:

If you are 18 or older and fail the knowledge exam three times, you may complete the course based on the Virginia driver’s manual after your third failure..  If you successfully pass the class, will be provided with a certificate of completion that you can take to the DMV to be allowed to retake the knowledge exam.

If you are under 18 and fail the knowledge exam,  you may take the course based on the Virginia driver’s manual if you’ve previously completed the classroom component of driver’s education.

Review Key Information from the Driver's Manual

During this eight hour course, students experience an interactive session, complete with digital presentations, workbook activities and engaging lectures.  

Our experienced instructors work with students one-on-one, covering in detail the material and going through the facts and information needed to fully grasp concepts.

The Virginia driver’s manual is reviewed cover to cover, with emphasis on key components.  Students are questioned on the areas in which they have challenges, and these specific points are reviewed in detail.


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Get the Results You Expect

You tell us where you need help.

During the three times failure / driver’s manual class, students are asked to provide specific areas in which they need help.  Having trouble with the road signs?  Or something else?  Our instructors dive into the details of the manual and give you the attention and focus that you need, helping you to understand each section.

Our students have a high rate of success.

We strive to ensure every student gets the exact help they need to not only understand the information provided in the driver’s manual, but to provide test taking tips as well.  Should you fail the DMV test again after attending our driver’s manual course, you’re invited to retake our class again, free of charge.

Failed the Road Skills Test Three Times?

If you fail the road skills test three times at a DMV customer service center, you will not be able to test for a fourth time until you have successfully completed and pass the in-car portion of driver’s education.  This is an entirely separate program, different from the three times failure / Virginia driver’s manual course found on this page.  For more information about our failed three times / in-car re-examination course, click here.

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