8-Hour Virginia
Driver's Manual Course

For Those in Need of a Failed Three Times / Re-Examination Class

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Get the Help You Need to Pass Your Test

If you failed the learner’s permit test or knowledge test at the DMV three times, you’re required to complete an 8-hour Virginia Driver’s Manual / Re-Examination class before you’re able to retake your test again.  Our three times failure / re-examination class covers the Virginia driver’s manual in its entirety, helping prepare you not only for your next test, but for the road ahead.  After successfully completing this course, students are provided with the necessary documentation to provide to the DMV in order to take their exam again.

Course Price:  $325.00

About this course

Virginia learner’s permit or driver’s license applicants who fail the knowledge exam three times must successfully complete the applicable knowledge component of a driver’s education course, or an 8-hour Virginia driver’s manual/re-examination course before they can take the examination a fourth time.

Many students opt to complete this 8-hour driver’s manual course to satisfy this requirement.

2020 Driving School provides a comprehensive classroom course to review the details of the Virginia driver’s manual to help prepare students for the retaking of the DMV knowledge exam.  

This happens to be one of our favorite classes to perform, as the success of our teaching is known immediately upon the student’s retaking of the test.  To date, we’ve had a 95% success rate!  Those that failed the knowledge exam for a fourth time returned and attended this class again, and all passed.  Students pay for this course only once, and we will continue working with them until they successfully pass their exam, at no additional charge.


What's included in this course

During the class, students will be taught the content of the Virginia driver’s manual in a fun, engaging environment.  

Students are challenged with visuals to help better identify the different types of road signs found on Virginia’s roads, safe driving techniques and current driving laws.

Currently, 8-hour driver’s manual courses are held at both our Fredericksburg and Stafford locations. If you have a special scheduling request, please contact us directly at 540-841-6327.  

Reasons for Having to Attend

Failing the knowledge exam

If you have failed the knowledge test three times and are age 17 or over, you must either retake the classroom component of driver’s education (consisting of 36 50-minute periods), or complete an 8-hour driver’s manual course (this class).

The driver’s manual course is an 8-hour course based on the Virginia driver’s manual and is designed to better prepare individuals for the knowledge test.  The completion date of the driver’s manual course must be after the date of your third knowledge test failure.  When you have successfully completed either the classroom component of driver’s ed or the driver’s manual course and have provided DMV with your certificate of completion, you can retake the knowledge exam.

The two-part knowledge exam is taken on a computer at a DMV customer service center or in classrooms at participating high schools and is available in several languages.  The exam tests your knowledge of traffic signs, motor vehicle laws and safe driving techniques.

Exam questions are taken from information in the Virginia driver’s manual.  Familiarize yourself with all the information in the Virginia driver’s manual to prepare for the knowledge exam.

About the exam

All ten traffic sign questions in Part One of the knowledge exam must be answered correctly before you can take the general knowledge exam in Part Two.  You must score at least 80% on these questions to pass Part Two.

If you do not obtain a license/permit within six months of completing a knowledge exam, you will be required to retest. 

Duration of time before having to retest

If you do not obtain a license/permit within six months of completing a knowledge exam, you will be required to retest.

Have questions about this course?

Understanding the process can be confusing, we get it and we’re here to help.  Reach out to us and our experts will be glad to answer any questions you may have.

Retaking the DMV Knowledge Exam

If you fail the DMV knowledge test:

Regardless of age, if you fail the two-part knowledge exam three times at a DMV customer service center, you must complete the classroom portion of a Virginia approved Driver Training School program and present the Driver Education Certificate at a customer service center.  To be eligible for re-examination, the course completion date must be after the date of the third exam failure.

While taking the knowledge exam, it is unlawful to:

2020 Driving School reviews test taking information and guidelines during the driver’s manual course, ensuring students know what to expect.


Get the Results You Expect

You tell us where you need help.

During the three times failure / driver’s manual class, students are asked to provide specific areas in which they need help.  Having trouble with the road signs?  Or something else?  Our instructors dive into the details of the manual and give you the attention and focus that you need, helping you to understand each section.

Our students have a high rate of success.

We strive to ensure every student gets the exact help they need to not only understand the information provided in the driver’s manual, but to provide test taking tips as well.  Should you fail the DMV test again after attending our driver’s manual course, you’re invited to retake our class again, free of charge.

Failed the DMV Road Skills Test Three Times?

In need of in-car re-examination lessons?

2020 Driving School offers an in-car re-examination program for those that failed their road skills test at the DMV three times, and are required to complete the 7-periods of behind the wheel driving lessons before restesting.

Have 5 friends?

Get rewarded for referring your friends!

The process is simple, and as a student of ours you automatically qualify.  Simply complete your instruction with us, refer five (5) friends for instruction, and you’ll receive a $50.00 gift card!  Just make sure they mention your name when they enroll.

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