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Behind the Wheel With a Professional Instructor

Behind the Wheel instruction is a critical component of your journey towards receiving your driver’s license in Virginia, and is normally the second step once a Driver’s Education course has been completed. 2020 Driving School is a Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles Licensed provider.  We take pride in providing Behind the Wheel instruction timely, with as much flexibility in scheduling as possible.

Course Price:  $425.00

Experience matters

With us, you will receive top-notch instruction from one of our professional instructors, who combined, have over 50-years’ experience teaching Behind the Wheel to new drivers. Our Behind the Wheel instruction helps you to learn to apply the rules of the road and gain valuable knowledge and experience to prepare you for today’s driving conditions.

We work with drivers of all experience levels, helping them succeed in their journey towards earning their license.  Not only do we provide Behind the Wheel to teens, but we take pride in helping adults as well.  Our instructors are judgement-free, with the primary aim of helping you get on your way.

2020 Driving School currently offers Behind the Wheel instruction in the city of Fredericksburg, and the counties of Stafford, King George, Orange, Fauqier, and Spotsylvania.  Live outside these areas?  Not a problem!  Reach out to us directly to see what we can do to assist with your needs.


Develop your skills

Behind the Wheel is comprised of seven-periods of driving and seven-periods of observation.  Students will drive in a range of conditions, day and night, in varying traffic conditions and at different speed limits.

This is a critical step in not only developing new drivers but also to evaluate their performance to ensure they are ready to progress towards earning their Virginia driver’s license.

Helping you get on your way

Behind the Wheel instruction is a critical part of one’s journey towards earning their driver’s license, and we wish to make the process as smooth and enjoyable as possible. Our goal is to provide each student with the foundation to be a safer, smarter driver.

Behind the Wheel Lessons On Your Schedule

Times and dates that work best

Flexible schedule?  You bet!  We work around your busy schedule to complete your lessons.  Need to be picked up from school? Home?  Work?  Not a problem.  Simply let your instructor know of any special needs you may have, and we’ll do everything we can to make it work.  

Learn with friends

Feel more comfortable learning to drive with your friends?  No problem with that either.  In fact, we routinely schedule students for behind the wheel with their friends that have also enrolled, making for a more enjoyable environment.  

NOTE: Depending on where you live, work, go to school, etc., our instructors may ask you to meet them at a centralized location to begin your instruction. Contact us for additional information.

How the Process Works

Once you’ve enrolled in behind the wheel, your instructor will reach out to you to coordinate scheduling.  This scheduling typically dictates the total amount of time your behind the wheel lessons will take, however, most students complete the process in about a week.  

Unless completed in advance, your instructor will have several documents to review with and give to you (and your parent/guardian if under 18).

When your lessons begin, please have the following:

Upon completion of your lessons, your instructor will provide the final road test.  If you successfully pass this road test, your instructor will finalize the necessary documentation for your temporary license, if you’ve held your learner’s permit for the required timeframe.

Normally, the temporary licenses are issued by our headquarters staff.  This is a paper copy of a Virginia driver’s license, that you will be required to have on your person at all times when driving, along with your learner’s permit (which has your picture on it).  The hard copy of your driver’s license is mailed to you by the Virginia DMV, generally within a matter of weeks. 

If you’ve completed behind the wheel before your eligibility date for receiving your driver’s license, congrats on being proactive!  The same process still applies, and your temporary license will be issued to you on the date in which you become eligible.

Need help with the steps? We'll guide you through it.

Prerequisites for Behind the Wheel

Age requirements

Once you have your Virginia learner’s permit, you can begin the behind the wheel process.  If you are a minor, you must be, at minimum, 16 years, 3 months old in order to receive your driver’s license.  

You do not have to wait until this age is met in order to begin behind the wheel.  If you complete behind the wheel prior to the age requirements being met, your temporary license will not be issued to you, but held at our headquarters instead.

Learner's permit period

If you’re a minor, you must hold your learner’s permit for a minimum of nine (9) months prior to receiving your driver’s license in Virginia.  

You can complete behind the wheel at the same time you are enrolled in a 36-period driver’s education course, as long as the course is from the same school.  For example, if you are currently taking our driver’s education course, you can begin behind the wheel at any time.

Not Sure if You're Ready?

We understand, starting behind the wheel can be a big step, especially for those that aren’t 100% comfortable with their skills, or are nervous about certain aspects of driving.  We offer programs to help new drivers build their skills without the pressures behind the wheel brings.

Start with a free assessment

2020 Driving School offers thirty (30) minute free driving assessments to help gauge your current skillset and provide professional input on where you currently stand.  

Get a jump start with private lessons

We also offer private driving lessons to help build your skills before you take the leap into behind the wheel.  Here students work with an instructor on critical skills such as reversing, turning and parking, plus much more.  


Have 5 friends?

Refer five (5) of your friends for instruction and receive a $50.00 gift card!  

The process is simple, and as a student of ours you automatically qualify.  Just have your friends mention your name when they enroll in their lessons, no matter what they choose, and you’ll be on your way.

Worried about the weather?

Sometimes, the weather doesn’t work in our favor and unsafe driving conditions are present.

We handle inclement weather on a case by case basis, with decisions made with safety as the top priority.  We will never jeopardize one’s well being to rush the completion of instruction.  Review our inclement weather policy for more information.

IMPORTANT NOTE regarding driver’s education for students in Planning District 8:  

The online classroom component of driver’s education must be completed through a DMV-licensed online driver training school prior to completing the 90-minute parent/teen component.  Only students outside of Planning District 8 are allowed by law to complete the 90-minute component online.

Students that live in the County of Stafford are also required to complete the 90-minute parent/teen component.

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