30-Minute Free Assessment

Get Honest Feedback on Your Driving Skills

Let Our Experts Gauge Your Skills

Not sure if you’re ready to begin yet?  Or have concerns about your weaknesses?

Get a free, thirty (30) minute assessment from one of our experienced instructors.  During this session, they will gauge your skills in the basic areas such as parking, reversing, turning, awareness of surroundings and the basic operation of a car.

This assessment session takes place in the safety of the parking lot of our headquarters, or at a large, open space chosen by the instructor.  Students are monitored throughout the process to ensure their safety and that of others.


Your assessment is a great opportunity to determine if you’re ready for behind the wheel, or if private driving lessons may be a better choice first.  Our experience shows that while many new drivers feel their skills are up-to-par, they have a lot to learn, especially when it comes to parking and being aware of your surroundings.

Students can expect constant, honest feedback with pointers and advice during the session, answering questions and addressing concerns.

Are Your Driving Skills Where They Need to Be?

The goal for the assessment is to determine where your skills currently are, and outline goals for where you want them to be.  Some of the basics that are judged are parking, reversing and situational awareness.  

Your Current Skills:

Let us help you decide the proper path moving forward to improve your skills and knowledge.

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