Private Driving

Get a Jump Start on Your Skills with Our Private Driving Lessons

Private Lessons are one-on-one training sessions with one of our experienced instructors. These sessions are great learning opportunities for new drivers who may not be 100% certain they are prepared for the next steps in the process of earning a Virginia driver’s license.

Comprehensive Help from a Professional

With our Private Lessons, we cover the areas of curriculum you feel additional help is needed. Commonly, our instructors provide Private Lessons to new drivers in-car, to help gauge a student’s skillset to help their parents determine if they are prepared to move forward in the process.

Private Driving Lessons can take place during daylight and nighttime hours, in varying driving conditions, to give the most all encompassing training to drivers. Our instructors provide Private Driving Lessons in residential and commercial areas, as well as on highways. Students will practice in parking lots, driveways, the open road and much more during their instruction.

Private Lessons are offered in hour-long blocks, beginning at one-hour with no cap. We are happy to continue working with students until we or the parent feels they are ready.

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Our Instructors Approach Private Lessons in a Caring and Judgement-Free Way

We are here to identify weaknesses and provide the necessary training and knowledge to make you a safer, smarter driver. Therefore, those that are shy or concerned about their lack of skills and/or experience should not worry. Believe us when we tell you, with the decades of teaching experience our instructors have, we’ve seen it all. And we can say that we have helped those that needed help the most conquer their fears and challenges.

Need Help? Or Have Quetions?

Significant Discounts Available for Your Private Driving Lessons

\Save money on your Private Driving Lessons with one of our New Driver Packages, or with additional sessions. The price starts at $60 per hour, with a minimum of three (3) hours of instruction. Need even more time? Get six (6) hours or more for $55 per hour.