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Improve Your Driving Skills with Our Private Lessons

Private Lessons are one-on-one training sessions with one of our experienced instructors. These sessions are great learning opportunities for new drivers of all ages who may not be 100% certain they are prepared for the next steps in the process of earning a Virginia driver’s license.  

Pricing for hours of private lessons:

Comprehensive Help from an Expert

Help where you need it

With our Private Lessons, we cover the areas of curriculum you feel additional help is needed. Commonly, our instructors provide Private Lessons to new drivers in-car, to help gauge a student’s skillset to help their parents determine if they are prepared to move forward in the process.

Private Driving Lessons can take place during daylight and nighttime hours, in varying driving conditions, to give the most all encompassing training to drivers. Our instructors provide Private Driving Lessons in residential and commercial areas, as well as on highways. Students will practice in parking lots, driveways, the open road and much more during their instruction.

Private Lessons are offered in hour-long blocks, beginning at one-hour with no cap. We are happy to continue working with students until we, you the driver, or your parents feel you are ready.

Judgement-free feedback

We are here to identify weaknesses and provide the necessary training and knowledge to make you a safer, smarter driver. Therefore, those that are shy or concerned about their lack of skills and/or experience should not worry.

Believe us when we tell you, with the decades of teaching experience our instructors have, we’ve seen it all. And we can say that we have helped those that needed help the most conquer their fears and challenges.


NOTE: Depending on where you live, work, go to school, etc., our instructors may ask you to meet them at a centralized location to begin your instruction. Contact us for additional information.

Questions about private lessons? We're here to help.

Private lessons are great for those putting it off

We often find many put off earning their driver’s license for a number of reasons.  But the most prevalent reason is a lack of confidence in oneself.

Time and again, however, we find that once we get a student in the driver’s seat and begin providing coaching and positive reinforcement, they quickly overcome their doubts and start to shine.

Often times, they end up being better drivers than those that think they know it all!  So don’t let your fears or emotions get in the way.  And if you do need a little push to get you started, private lessons are a good starting point.


Lessons scheduled with your interests in mind

Getting started can be difficult enough, and fitting your lessons into your busy schedule shouldn’t prevent you from taking action.

Our team works with you, taking into consideration school, sports, work, family and any other matters you deal with on a day-to-day basis to make sure you get the instruction you need without causing too much of an interruption.  

So don’t let your daily routine hold you back from getting started…we’ll work with you to schedule your lessons when it’s best for you.

Bundle your lessons and save with our new driver packages

Combine different new driver instruction programs and courses and save up to $100.00 off

Other Programs for New Drivers

Not sure of your skills?

2020 Driving School offers thirty (30) minute free driving assessments to help gauge your current skillset and provide professional input on where you currently stand.

Behind the wheel time?

Ready to get started?  Complete your needed behind the wheel instruction to get on your way towards earning your Virginia driver’s license.


Have 5 friends?

Refer five (5) of your friends for instruction and receive a $50.00 gift card with our referral bonus program!  

The process is simple, and as a student of ours you automatically qualify.  Just have your friends mention your name when they enroll in their lessons, no matter what they choose, and you’ll be on your way.

Give them the gift of safe driving

In need of a great gift for a someone special?  Look no further.

2020 Driving School offers gift vouchers for a range of special occasions, from birthdays to holidays.  Set the dollar amount of your gift to any value you wish, starting at $25.00.  Plus, the voucher never expires!  So you can gift today and the new driver can use it when they’re ready.

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