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Send the Gift of Driving Instruction

Send a gift straight to your recipient's inbox

Looking for a gift idea for the holidays?  High school graduation?  A birthday?  Or any other special occasion?  Gift the gift of driving instruction to that special someone. 2020 Driving School Gift Vouchers are delivered electronically, to your listed recipient’s email address. The process is simple. You choose a theme and the amount, and we’ll handle the rest.

Don't stress about last minute gifts

Gone are the days of stressing about the perfect gift for friends and family.You can complete the gift voucher process in a matter of minutes, and your recipient will receive via email normally within 24-hours.

Want to send the voucher yourself?  Sure thing!  On the info page, simply check the box indicating you wish to be the email recipient.  We’ll send the voucher straight to you and you can pass along when you wish.


Flexibility in your gift

You select the voucher’s amount, starting at $25.00, with no cap. Want to help cover the costs of driving instruction?  Great!  Set an amount to help a new driver get started.  Want to cover the whole cost?  Not a problem.  It can be done.  And the best part about our gift vouchers…they never expire!  That’s right.  Purchase the voucher today, and your recipient can use when they choose.

Start the Process

First, choose your theme from the selection below. Once you’ve made your choice, follow the steps to complete the process.

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