Driver's Education


Complete Your Driver’s Education Class in a More Convenient Way


Driver’s education is a 36-hour program required by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles in order to receive your driver’s license.

2020 Driving School is a Virginia DMV-approved provider of both classroom and online Driver’s Education instruction.

Our experienced instructors strive to ensure students receive the most up-to-date, relevant facts and information, in a fun and enjoyable environment.


We offer Driver’s Education classes all year long.

2020 Driving School offers Driver’s Education classes all year, so that you aren’t stuck waiting for your turn at your high school. Normally held in two to two and half week blocks, our rolling schedule ensures you get the instruction you need quickly, with little to no delay.

Based on requirements, classes are held weekday evenings and throughout the day on the weekends.


About Our Driver’s Education Classes

Driver’s Education programs are available statewide to students, adults and out-of-school youths. Our Driver’s Education program consists of 36-classroom periods, including components about alcohol safety, drug abuse awareness, aggressive driving, distracted driving, pedestrian and bicycle safety, handicapped parking, fuel-efficient driving practices, motorcycle awareness, and organ and tissue donation awareness, as required by the Virginia DMV.

Upon successful completion of the Driver’s Education course, you will receive a completion certificate, which is necessary as part of the driver’s license application.

Our experienced instructors strive to ensure students receive the most relevant, up-to-date information.

We want each student to be engaged in the learning process, to make certain they are learning the facts and able to apply them on the road. Questions are always welcome, and we encourage students to ask for more information when necessary.

Additionally, we strive to ensure the classroom environment is fun and engaging. In doing so, we aim for every student to walk away more knowledgeable and capable in handling the challenges they may face on the road ahead.

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Driver’s Education Class Schedule

Driver’s Education classes are held throughout the year, typically starting every third week. Check the calendar for available dates.

Weekday classes typically run from 6:00pm to 8:00pm Monday-Thursday, and Saturday and Sunday from 4:30pm to 8:30pm. Driver’s Education classes are typically not held on Fridays, however, this is subject to change depending on the season and Holiday schedule. For exact start and finish times for each Driver’s Education class session.

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Save Money On Driver’s Education Classes with Our New Driver Packages

2020 Driving School offers significant money saving options for new driver instruction. As a primary component of earning a driver’s license in Virginia, Driver’s Education classes are included in each one of our New Driver Packages.


DMV is committed to promoting transportation safety through the certification of quality driver training programs. If you have comments or concerns about this driving school, call the DMV toll-free number: (877) 885-5790