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Required Session for Certain Areas

For those that live in Virginia Planning District 8, as well as the County of Stafford, this 90-minute class is a requirement for all teen drivers under the age of 18, in addition to the 36-period driver’s education course.  This class is to be attended by both the new teen driver, as well as a parent or legal guardian.

This Course is FREE for our Driver’s Ed Students 

Planning District 8 requirement

This 90-minute course is in addition to the 36-period Virginia driver’s education course, and is required for students that reside in Stafford County, as well as the following municipalities:


About This Class

This 90-minute class must be attended by the teen driver and their parent (or guardian), and is in addition to the 36-period driver’s education course.  This course covers key information, supplemental to that learned in driver’s ed, to prepare the student and their parents for earning a driver’s license.

Material reviewed during this class pertains directly to the hazards facing drivers, especially new teen drivers, on the road today.  

2020 Driving School provides this session, free of charge, to all enrolled students of classroom and online driver’s education that are required.  Documentation for attending this class is provided.

As with all classroom instruction we provide, this session is taught to the teen and parent by an experienced, professional instructor.  Relevant information is shared in an open, engaging environment to ensure the knowledge is retained.  

Not sure if this course is required?

We’re here to help.  Reach out to us and we’ll be glad to answer any questions you may have regarding this course, driver’s education, or any other program required to earn your license.

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