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2020 Driving School offers driving classes all year long!

Growing up naturally teaches us many things, but earning the right to drive is not something that can happen without hard work and dedication.  On top of that, having the proper driving education, road sense and awareness of safety guidelines and current traffic laws is key.  Our team of experts work closely with each student to ensure they grasp not only what is required to successfully complete this course, but to ensure they understand the information provided and can utilize this knowledge on the road. 

As a reminder, in Virginia, a 36-period Driver’s Education Course is mandatory for new drivers seeking to earn their driver’s license.  This program’s information, rules and guidelines, established by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, helps set the framework for making and keeping the roads in our communities safe for you, your friends and your family.

These guidelines, plus strict laws and regulations, help keep these roads safe.  2020 Driving School teaches and reinforces the necessary skills, fine-tunes driving knowledge and sets students on a pathway towards building expertise.

Start driving without the long waits...and hassles.

Get started with our Driver’s Education class today and quickly get on your way towards your goal of earning your driver’s license, while learning the essentials.  At 2020 Driving School, we offer year-long driving classes to make the process as convenient and easy as possible.  No long waiting periods, no struggles, no hassles.

Students learn the most relevant, up-to-date information regarding road safety, teen driving tips, pedestrian and bicyclist safety, the effects of alcohol and drugs on drivers, plus much more.  And the beauty is, unlike the Driver’s Education courses offered in many high schools, our classes run all year long!  In addition, our online course takes convenience and ease to a whole new level.

2020 Driving School is a Virginia DMV-approved provider of both classroom and online Driver’s Education instruction.  Let us help you learn the needed skills while having fun doing one of the most menial tasks on Earth — driving!

Questions regarding Virginia Driver's Education Classes?

We’re here to help!  Visit our FAQ page for additional information.  Need more info and answers? No problem.  Give us a call at 540-841-6327 or visit our contact page.  We’d love to hear from you and get you the facts you need.

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