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Supplemental Course for Those Charged with Reckless or Aggressive Driving

If you’ve received an aggressive or reckless driving ticket in Virginia, this class, in addition to our driver improvement course, is for you.  It’s highly recommended that driver’s that have received a reckless or aggressive driving ticket complete these courses prior to their court date, or as advised by their attorney. Classes are held every weekly.

Course price:  $100.00 when booked in advance, $125.00 day of.

On it's own or with a driver improvement clinic

Completion of a driver improvement class prior to or after completing this course is not required, however, we do strongly suggest you do so as it lays the foundation for the material that will be discussed. 

Additionally, completion of both prior to a court date is recommended by traffic attorneys as a sign of proactive steps towards improving your driving skills.


Understanding behaviors

The 4-hour aggressive/reckless driving class addresses the multitude of causes of driving recklessly or aggressively, behaviors of such driving and how to prevent these situations from occurring.  This course builds on the knowledge and skills gained with our driver improvement class, helping you to be a safer, smarter driver. 

Class participants can expect an upbeat, engaging learning environment, with up-do-date information and facts about reckless and aggressive driving presented.  Our instructors dive into the factors leading to these types of driving, and outline the potential consequences to drivers and passengers alike. 

Classes held weekly

The 4-hour aggressive/reckless driving class from 2020 Driving School is held each week, in both Stafford and Fredericksburg. The 8-hour driver improvement class is a separate session and too is held weekly. Our reckless/aggressive driving class can be taken alone, or in combination with our driver improvement course. REMEMBER: This is a supplemental class and DOES NOT take the place of an 8-hour driver improvement clinic. 

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