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Obtain an Escort Vehicle Driver Certification in the State of Virgina

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Become a Certified Escort Vehicle Driver

A certified escort vehicle driver is responsible for the safe movement of an over-dimensional load utilizing an appropriately identified vehicle and, if necessary, conducting flagging operations.  2020 Driving School offers an eight (8) hour course to help you obtain your Virginia certification.

Escort Vehicle Driver Training classes are held at our Fredericksburg location, normally every second Tuesday of each month. 

Course price:  $275.00


Fundamentals of the Program

An escort vehicle is one that is used to escort trucks with loads or convoys of vehicles.  It serves as a forward or rear warning device to the general public and is required for certain over-dimensional or overweight loads.  Escort vehicles are also referred to as flag or pilot cars.  Attendees for this class must have a valid driver’s license from the jurisdiction in which they live.  

After successfully completing the 8-hour Escort Vehicle Driver Training class, students will be issued a certificate and will be prepared for the exam at the DMV.  The cost of the DMV exam is $25.00.  

Our class teaches participants the skills and knowledge for the following:

Relevant, up-to-date information

Information for this class comes from several sources, including the Virginia Escort Driver’s Manual and the Virginia Hauling Permit Manual from the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles; the Virginia State Code; the Pilot Car Escort Best Practices Guidelines from the Specialized Carriers and Rigging Association; the US Department of Transportation Federal Highway Commission; and the Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance.


Prepare for the certification exam

Get the insights and information needed to take the certification test at the DMV.  This course is designed to cover all the necessary information one will need to best prepare for the exam.  

This 8-hour course typically begins at 7:00am, giving students enough time to travel to the DMV the same day to test.

The Virginia Department of Motor Vehicle is dedicated to making Virginia’s roadways safer for the transportation of oversized cargo.  The goal of this program is to educate the escort vehicle driver so that they can safely escort an oversize load from its point of origin to its destination, whether thats within the State of Virginia or out of state.

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