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Car Infotainment Systems…A Blessing or a Curse?

Car Infotainment Systems...A Blessing or a Curse? Over the past decade, the technological advances in modern automobiles has been astounding.  Cars today are equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, telematics, built-... Read more

Driving: Is Your Teen Ready?

Driving: Is Your Teen Ready? We ask a simple question every time a parent is asking to sign their teenage son or daughter up for behind the wheel:  “On a scale of one to five, how would you rate their ability to ... Read more

Winter Driving Safety-Proper Vehicle Maintenance

  Winter Driving Safety: Proper Vehicle Maintenance As the weather turns colder and winter sets in, the importance of proper vehicle maintenance for your safety and that of others is often overlooked.  Car ma... Read more

Holiday Shopping? Let’s Stay Safe

Holiday Shopping? Let's Stay Safe! The 2017 holiday season is upon us, and the time for gift shopping has arrived.  Despite an ever increasing number of Americans doing their holiday shopping online, the bulk of sh... Read more

2020 Driving School

  Learning to drive has never been easier. Nor more convenient. Obtaining a driver’s license, refreshing your knowledge or working towards earning positive points, we believe in delivering an exceptional learnin... Read more