What Footwear to Wear While Driving


Constant reminders

Behind the wheel and other in-car lesson students are reminded regularly about the importance of wearing the appropriate footwear whenever they are driving.  

While there are no laws governing this in Virginia, it’s highly recommended that drivers:

An often overlooked safety concern

An often overlooked matter of safe driving, what you have on your feet can make a big difference.  Here are a few takeaways to consider. 

Sandals and flip flops can slip off of one’s feet while driving, and become lodged under a pedal or otherwise interfere with pedal operation.  This is an extremely dangerous situation, and can happen at any time. Imagine what would happen if your sandal slipped off and got stuck under your brake pedal.  How would you slow or stop?  

A somewhat similar situation can arise when driving barefoot.  Pedals may be slippery, and your foot could easily slip off the pedal at the wrong time, causing a potentially hazardous condition. 

High heeled shoes pose their own hazards for drivers as well. The heel of your shoe may get snagged on your floor mat, restricting your ability to move your foot. Not a good situation when you need to quickly take your foot off the gas and apply the brakes. 

We want to see everyone be safe while traveling Virginia roads. After all, we drive the same routes daily.  Our team makes it a point during behind the wheel and other lessons to remind students of the impacts something as seemingly minor as their shoes can have on their ability to drive safely. 

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