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What's Expected Of Our Students

"The teacher comes when the student is ready"

At 2020 Driving School, we pride ourselves on delivering top-notch, unparalleled quality driving instruction to students throughout Virginia. 

We expect our staff to deliver the very best, while expecting our students to give us their best.  As such, we want our students to take advantage of the learning opportunities we are providing to help develop their safe driving skills.  Students, no matter the driving lessons they are enrolled in, are required to adhere to the highest personal standards during their instruction time.


It comes down to safety

Students are expected to conduct themselves in a safe and responsible manner, while on school property or while operating school vehicles.

Unsafe, inattentive, disruptive, disrespectful, unlawful, violent, reckless or destructive behavior obviously cannot be tolerated.  Additionally, disrespectful, harmful, abusive, unlawful and otherwise rude behavior towards school staff and fellow students is not acceptable either.

The focus of our team and their assigned students is to teach the skills they need to safely drive on today’s roads, not on policing inappropriate behavior.

Simple rules to follow

In a nutshell, we want the learning experience to be a positive one for all involved.  In general, we expect every student, regardless of age or lesson type, to comply with the following:

Everyone deserves a second chance

Warnings related to the inappropriate behavior detailed above will be made by the student’s instructor to the student in question.  However, continued behavior of this sort may result in the student being terminated from instruction, with the opportunity for rescheduling and/or re-enrollment at the discretion of the school’s leadership team.

Every student is made aware of these behavior requirements when they enroll in their lessons, are expected to abide by them at all times.

What You Can Expect From Us

You have our word

We’re committed to treating each and every student with the utmost respect and appreciation.  We’re thankful you’ve chosen us for your driving instruction needs and strive to deliver on our promise to help you become a safer, smarter driver.  With this in mind, you can expect the following:

Helpful tips

Students will learn the keys to safe driving on today’s roads.

Energetic staff

Our team will make the process fun and engaging.

Up-to-date information

The material presented will be relevant to current times.

Lifelong lessons

Driving skills learned will help you forever.

Have questions or need more info?

Our team is dedicated to helping in any way we can.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us by phone or email, we’d love to help.


Ready to get started?

2020 Driving School offers a full range of driving lessons for those striving to earn their Virginia driver’s license or learner’s permit.  We help by providing driver’s education, driver improvement, failed three times / driver’s manual courses, behind the wheel and much more, with flexible scheduling and affordable prices.  Learning to drive has never been easier!

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