Driving Lessons in Fredericksburg, VA

Premium driving instruction for the Fredericksburg region

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Lessons for the City of Fredericksburg

Driving lessons for those that work and live in Fredericksburg

2020 Driving School offers Fredericksburg residents a full range of driving lessons to help you earn your Virginia learner’s permit or driver’s license.  

We routinely work with teenage students from James Monroe High School, Fredericksburg Academy, Fredericksburg Christian and many others.  

The lessons you need

No matter which program you’re looking for, whether it be driver’s ed, behind the wheel or something else, we have everything under one roof to help get you on road and to keep you safe.


Scheduling that works best for you

At 2020 Driving School, we believe in being as flexible as possible when it comes to helping students learn to drive.  Whether that means accommodating your school, sports or work schedule or making arrangements to pick you up, you can count us to do what it takes to make the process as smooth and convenient as possible.

Our goal is to provide the lessons new drivers need as quickly as possible, without undue delays, to help complete the process quickly.

Effective June 15th, 2020, our Fredericksburg location will be offering the following classroom driving lesson schedule every week:

Thursday: Eight (8) hour Driver Improvement and eight (8) hour CDL Driver Improvement Classes

Friday: Four (4) hour Aggressive/Reckless Driving Class

Saturday: Eight (8) hour Driver Improvement and eight (8) hour CDL Driver Improvement Classes

Sunday: Eight (8) hour Failed 3 Times / Re-Examination Class and Learner’s Permit Preparation Classes

Additionally, Escort Vehicle Driver Training Classes will continue to be held the second Tuesday of every month, with additional class scheduling available based on unique needs and requirements.


Lessons for teen and adult drivers

2020 Driving School offers premium driving instruction to new drivers of all ages.  This includes not only new teenage drivers, but those over the age of 18 as well.

Not sure if you’re eligible?  Or have questions regarding the eligibility requirements?  We’ve put together info to help you better understand the requirements in Virginia.

Is English your second language?

We’re here to help all students, and as such, our team can assist with languages other than English such as Spanish, French, German, Punjabi, Persian and more.

Ready to get started?

View our full range of Virginia driving instruction and pick the lessons you need to get on your way towards earning your license.


Get safe driving info and tips

Take a look at articles written to help you be a safer, smarter driver in our insights blog.


Why not learn with your friends?

We make it possible to learn to drive with your friends!  Contact us to see how this works.

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