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Instruction for Those that Failed the CDL Road Test 3 Times

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Failed the Commercial Driver's License Road Test Three Times?

If you failed the CDL road test three times, you must retake the behind-the-wheel component of commercial driver education in order to satisfy the eligibility requirements for re-examination.

2020 Driving School regularly offers this 80-hour class for those that have failed the commercial drivers road test three times.

Course Price:  $750.00*

*This course is free of charge for existing students enrolled in a commercial driver’s license program with 2020 Driving School.

Why This Class?

Commercial license applicants who fail the behind-the-wheel road test three times are required to successfully complete the in-vehicle component of a commercial driver education course before they can take examination a fourth time.

NOTE: CDL Driver improvement clinics do not satisfy this requirement.


What's Included with this Class

The CDL road test re-examination course is broken down into range and behind-the-wheel instruction.

Range Instruction Includes:

  • Pre-trip inspection
  • Basic vehicle control
  • Straight line backing
  • Forward stop
  • Right turn/left turn
  • Parallel parking
  • Offset backing
  • 90-Degree alley dock backing
  • 45-Degree all dock parking
  • Proper use of clutch and gears
  • Coupling and uncoupling

Behind the Wheel Instruction Includes:

  • On the Road Driving: Shifting of a 10-speed transmission, up-shifting, down-shifting, double-clutching, and progressive shifting. Left turns, right turns, X-way driving, urban driving, simulated up-grade, down-grade, emergency stop-start, curves, stop and thru intersections.
  • On-Freeway and Highway Driving: Entrance, exit, and lane changes.
  • Ramps
  • Air brakes
  • Traffic rules of the road
  • Combination vehicles
  • Railroad crossing safety rules
  • Gross and Axle Weights:
  • How to shift the weight of the loads on your vehicle.
  • Real life driving skills (actual route travel with CDL drivers)
  • Personalized training and skill development
  • Vehicle inspection process

CDL Instruction Questons?

Understanding what all is involved in earning your CDL can be complicated. Reach out to us for additional information. We’d be glad to help!

Why Choose Us For Your Failed 3 Times Class?

2020 Driving School has assembled a dedicated team of instructors focused on developing safer, smarter drivers, with an intense focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience. In addition, our experienced commercial driver’s license instructor team has:


Years of CDL Teaching Experience


Years of CDL Driving Experience

English Not Your Primary Language?

In addition to English, CDL instruction is available in the following languages:

2020 languages for classes

Ready to get started?

Simply complete the form below and a CDL coordinator will contact you to begin the process and answer any questions you may have.

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