Students Have Been Asking...And We're Obliging


Based on our student's feedback

This past spring, our leadership team took student feedback into account and changed the classroom schedule for Virginia driver’s manual and learner’s permit preparation classes.  Originally, these eight-hour classes were held on Sundays.  With the requests in mind, we made the move to scheduling these classes every Saturday, at our Fredericksburg headquarters.

Well, we’ve been receiving a lot of requests from students (and parents) to switch back to Sundays, beginning at 9:00am.  So, we’ve obliged and beginning Sunday, November 11th, we will be moving these courses back to their originally scheduled day.  Students can begin enrolling these two classes on Sundays immediately.  Have a special circumstance or looking for additional scheduling options for these two classes?  No problem!  We routinely hold special sessions for students on other days of the week that cannot attend on the normal scheduled day.  If this is the case, please let us know and we’ll work out a solution for you. 

Also, we’re excited for a number of satellite locations to be coming online soon, which will allow us to offer these two classes in different areas outside of Fredericksburg.  We’re anticipating these sites to be up and running in the coming weeks, and we’re hopeful to have classes scheduled at locations in Stafford, Thornburg, Dumfries and more very soon.

From the onset, our team has made it a priority to make learning to drive and the completion of necessary driving classes as easy, affordable and convenient as possible.  We’re constantly seeking feedback as to how to improve, and using this information to help us achieve a greater level of student satisfaction.  So, if there’s something you’d like to see change or improve upon, or have an idea or thought as to how we can better serve the public in the communities in which we too live, please pass it along!

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