In-Car Parent/Teen Observation Program - Ideal for Busy Parents


Get properly prepared

Is your teenager preparing for their driver’s license? Do you, as a parent, feel concerned about the amount of driving practice they’re receiving with you and whether or not they are learning safe driving skills? If yours is a busy schedule that prevents you from being there to observe your teenager, then our in-car parent/teen observation program is perfect for you to lessen your concerns.

The 45-hour parent/teen driving log is provided once driver’s ed is completed to help parents and guardians log the amount of time they spend driving with their teenage son or daughter while they have their learner’s permit.  Completing and logging such a large number of hours for many parents (and teens for that matter) in today’s world is quite difficult.  Luckily, we’re here to help.

Help keep teens safe

There are countless cases of new teen drivers driving carelessly, which in turn, becomes one of the biggest concerns for parents. Be it following a specific speed limit or applying brakes at the proper time, the amount of skills that are needed to be learned by new drivers are many.

One of the best ways to ensure teen safety and to instill good driving skills, our in-car parent/teen observation program provides teenage drivers with top-notch guidance, all while completing the 45-hour driving observation form. These private driving lessons by experienced and knowledgeable instructors gives your new teen driver the tips and information needed, which will be crucial as they continue their path towards earning their driver’s license.


All in all, you can rest assured that our parent/teen observation program is the ideal way for parents as well as teenagers to attain peace of mind that a licensed, certified instructor is there to address any questions or concerns and provide the best possible guidance related to driving.  Plus, our team will help your teenager complete this step in the journey towards earning their Virginia driver’s license.


So, now that you are aware of the benefits of the in-car parent/teen observation program, don’t waste any more time. Let 2020 Driving School provide professional help and take care of your teen’s needed 45-hours of practice.  Learn more about the program here.

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