What to Do When Dealing with an Aggressive Driver

If you believe you’re in the presence of an aggressive driver, the below list provides steps to help keep you and others safe:

Don’t challenge them.

Your goal should not be to stay ahead of and race other drivers, your goal should be safety

Don’t hinder the driver from what they are attempting to do.

Whether it’s trying to speed past you, make a lane change, go out of turn at a stop sign or red light, let them do it without trying to stop them or slow them down.  Trying to stop or hinder a combative driver could cause his anger to rise into road rage and retaliate against you.

Get out of their way and let them go on.

You are going to be safer to let them get past you.  If they do have a collision because of how they drive, you don’t want to be a part of it.

Don’t take their inconsiderate driving personally.

A person driving in an aggressive style is not thinking about you as a person.  They are thinking about getting around you and where they are going.

Remember a driver might have a justified reason for his seemingly careless road habits, such as going to a life- threatening emergency.

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