Vehicle Safety Checklist

This checklist is designed to get you thinking about all of the important safety features your vehicle has and which you must use in order to be compliant with the law and to be safe.  Many of these are exactly the questions and tests your mechanic will do when you take your vehicle in for the annual safety inspection. For a nominal cost, a certified mechanic will check to see if the vehicle meets standards for safe roadway use.

Checklist Items:

  • Do the headlights work when switch is turned on or engine is started?
  • Do the high beams function when activated?
  • Do the brake, turn signal, and emergency flasher lights work?
  • Do the back-up lights work?
  • Is the engine oil level within acceptable limits?
  • Do all the tires have good tread (not bald or excessively worn)?
  • Are the tires properly inflated?
  • Do the brakes work properly and smoothly?
  • Does the vehicle keep straight and not pull to one side when brakes are applied?
  • Do the brakes have good brake pressure when the pedal is depressed?
  • Is there silence when the brakes are applied (no grinding noises)?
  • Is the steering smooth with little play in the steering wheel?
  • Is the vehicle in adequate running order with no history of breakdowns?
  • Does the horn work?
  • Are the windshield wipers in good working order, and fluid in the reservoir?
  • Are the windows clear of dirt and debris that could obstruct view?
  • Are the proof of insurance, vehicle registration, and owner’s manual in the vehicle?
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