Types of Parking Cont'd

Perpendicular Parking -Entering

  1. Signal intention and position your vehicle 5-6 feet away from the space.
  2. Move forward until the side view mirror appears to align with the first line of the space.
  3. Turn the wheel rapidly in the direction of the space controlling speed.
  4. Steer towards a target in CENTER of the space and straighten the wheels.
  5. Position the front bumper 3-6 inches from the curb or end of the space.

Perpendicular Parking –Exiting

  1. Place foot on BRAKE, signal direction of turn, shift to REVERSE, search area for obstructions/oncoming vehicles.
  2. Back up until SIDE VIEW mirror is even with the bumper of the vehicle located to the side, begin turning the steering wheel in the direction you want to go.
  3. Monitor the rear and your front bumper on the opposite side of the direction you are turning.
  4. When the FRONT bumper clears the back of the vehicle, stop, and shift to DRIVE.
diagram of perpendicular parking
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