Two-Part Knowledge Exam

You will need to take the knowledge exam if you do not hold a valid driver’s license from another U. S. state, Canada, Germany, France, or the Republic of Korea. The two-part knowledge exam is given on a computer and tests your knowledge of traffic signs, motor vehicle laws, and safe driving. Exam questions are taken from information in this manual. You must correctly answer all ten traffic sign questions in part one of the exam before you can take part two of the exam. Part two tests your general knowledge with multiple choice questions. You must answer at least 80 percent of these questions correctly to pass part two.

If you fail the exam and you are:

  • Under age 18 – by law you must wait a full 15 days before you can retake the exam. For example, if you fail the exam on January 1, the earliest you can take the exam again is January 17.
  • Age 18 or older – you must pay a $2.00 fee if you retake the exam within 15 days.

The exam may be taken only once per business day. An audio version of the exam is available and the exam is offered in many different languages and American Sign Language. Therefore, translators may not be used for tests in offered languages. If you fail the knowledge exam three times, you will not be able to take it a fourth time until you complete and pass the classroom component of driver education.

You have the option of completing an 8-hour course based on the Virginia Driver’s Manual and approved by DMV exclusively for satisfying the three-times-failure requirement (this course). This course is available at a driver training school. Please see the requirements below based on your age.

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