Merge: Two lanes of traffic moving in the same direction are about to become one. Drivers in both lanes are responsible for merging safely.

course merge sign

Lane Reduction: The right lane ends soon. Drivers in the right lane must merge left when space opens up. Drivers in the left lane should allow other vehicles to merge smoothly.

course lane reduction sign

Divided Highway Begins: The highway ahead is split into two separate roadways by a median or divider and each roadway is one-way. Keep right.

course divided highway begins sign

Divided Highway Ends: The highway ahead no longer has a median or divider. Traffic goes in both directions. Keep right.

course divided hwy ends sign

Roundabout: These signs indicate a circular intersection with an island in the center is ahead. Also called rotaries or traffic circles, these intersections may have one or more lanes.

Entering traffic must yield the right-of-way to traffic already in the circle.

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