Pentagon (School Zone/School Crossing): This five-sided shape marks school zones and warns you about school crossings. Two signs may be used together to show the actual location of the crosswalk.

course pentagon sign shapes

Regulatory Signs: Regulatory signs inform you of the law; you must obey their instructions. Remember that a red circle with a slash means NO —the symbol inside the circle tells you what is prohibited.

course regulatory sign shapes

Speed Limit: These signs tell you the maximum legal speed that you may drive on the road where the sign is posted when weather conditions are good.

During rain, snow and ice, you may receive a ticket for driving too fast for the conditions even if you are driving at or less than the posted speed limit.

Do Not Enter – Wrong Way: These signs mean you cannot drive in that direction. If you drive past these signs you are going in the wrong direction and could get into a head-on crash with vehicles headed your way. Cautiously turn around.

course dneww signs
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