In a work zone, the lives of highway construction workers depend on drivers like you obeying the posted speed limits. If you are convicted of exceeding the speed limit in a highway work zone, you may be fined up to $500. Remember, the color orange marks a work zone and means slow down and be alert.

Rough Road, Bump, or Uneven Lanes: These signs are used when certain road conditions, such as loose gravel or road construction, affect the roadway surface and create potentially difficult conditions for motorists, especially motorcyclists.

course rough road bump uneven lane signs

Road Construction Ahead – Detour: These signs indicate a change in the traffic pattern or route ahead. Slow down. Unusual or potentially dangerous conditions are ahead.

Flashing Arrow Panels: Large flashing arrow panels or flashing message signs in work zones direct drivers to proceed into different traffic lanes and inform them that part of the road ahead is closed.

Flaggers: Flaggers are construction workers who normally wear orange or yellow vests, or yellow-green shirts or jackets. They use STOP/ SLOW paddles and red flags to direct traffic through the work zone and to let other workers or construction vehicles cross the road.

course flaggers

Traffic Control Devices: Barricades, vertical signs, concrete barriers, drums and cones are the most common devices used to guide drivers safely through work zones.

When driving near the devices, keep your vehicle in the middle of the lane and obey the posted speed limit. As you leave the work zone, stay in your lane and maintain your speed. Don’t change lanes until you are completely clear of the work zone.

course traffic control devices

Message Boards: You may see portable or permanent message boards along roadways. They provide information about traffic, road, weather or other hazardous conditions. Always obey any directions posted on these message boards. For information about road conditions or road construction, visit the Virginia Department of Transportation website at

Slow Moving Vehicles: traveling at 25 MPH or less, such as farm equipment and horse-drawn vehicles, must display these signs when using a public highway. Be prepared to adjust your speed or position when you see a vehicle with one of these signs.

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