Toll Plazas and Lanes

All toll facilities in Virginia accept payment using E-ZPass toll transponders. Transponders allow drivers to pay electronically without having to stop to pay with cash. If you have a transponder, as you approach a toll plaza look for and follow signs with the purple E-ZPass logo. If you do not have a transponder, as you approach a toll plaza, look for and follow signs for cash only lanes. Slow down as you approach toll plazas. Be extra cautious as you approach, enter, and depart toll plazas. There may be other drivers changing lanes and/or toll employees crossing the lanes.

Some toll roads have high speed lanes reserved for vehicles with E-ZPass transponders. Do not enter those lanes unless you have a transponder. However, if you do enter one of those lanes by mistake, do not stop. Stopping is unsafe and could cause a rear-end crash. Cameras will photograph the car’s license plate number and the registered vehicle’s owner will be billed for the toll.

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