Tire Basics

Tire Maintenance involves four main categories: Pressure, Alignment and balance, Rotation, and Tread (PART).

When checking tire pressure (called ‘PSI,’ pounds per square inch), understand that merely looking at the tire or thumping it does not give you appropriate information. The required tire pressure can be found on the tire side wall, vehicle owner’s manual, or tire placard on the door edge, at door post where it connects to the chassis, or fuel door of your car.

Use a tire gauge to check the pressure. Check the pressure first thing in the morning or when the tires are cool. If the tires are hot from driving or being in the sun too long, the pressure will read high. If the pressure is low, add air to the required level. When you are finished, look the tire over for uneven wear, nails, cuts, bulges, or gouges. 

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