The Space Management System

What is it? How is it used?

We have seen that we must pay careful attention when driving, because risk is all around us. Risk is a part of our lives. Risks can lead to good outcomes or less pleasant ones. It is important how well we deal with outcomes, even unexpected ones. Having the right frame of mind before getting behind the wheel, using good driving habits, and being able to anticipate some risks and assess other risky situations when you find yourself in them are the hallmarks of maturity and safe, effective driving.

One critical skill to master when assessing risk is the ability to understand and use the Space Management System.

There are six (6) zones around the vehicle at most times when the vehicle is in motion. Sometimes you may hear about a seventh zone, the “central” – the space which your vehicle occupies just before it shifts position. At any given time when danger presents itself, you may have to adjust your position in your lane or space to maintain a safe margin and avoid collision with objects, other drivers, pedestrians, or unforeseen hazards on the roadway. These zones provide potential space to steer into in an emergency, or space in which to move in the course of your daily travel.

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