Teenagers and Automobiles

Nowhere is safety more an issue than when teenagers get behind the wheel. Teens are more likely to be killed in a vehicle crash than by any other means. There are a number of national agencies that track and study the driving experiences of teens across the United States as well as internationally. This reveals some sobering facts.

Teens are the deadliest drivers of all.  The National Highway Traffic Safety studies show consistently show that 16-year-old drivers are the riskiest drivers. The solution, say some states: Take away the car keys at night, outlaw carloads of youths, and demand a long, supervised learning curve of driver education, and even change the age requirements for getting teen’s first license. They call such guidelines or expectations “graduated licensing.” Graduated licensing laws vary in each individual state. They are designed to provide a slow, steady, tiered-approach combining classroom learning with gradual in-vehicle practice opportunities.

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