Steering System Cont'd

To maintain a healthy steering system, avoid turning the steering wheel when the vehicle is not moving. Also, never force the steering beyond its limit. Modern steering systems allow a full range of steering without turning the wheel to far. When driving, obstacles (potholes, curbs, other sudden impacts) should be avoided as these could knock the steering out of alignment.

Routine driving will probably necessitate an annual alignment adjustment completed at your local mechanic’s shop, but running over obstacles may cause more severe alignment problems and higher repair bills.

Steering problems are serious and should be dealt with immediately, but they do not happen suddenly. Be alert. The power steering belt, pump, and fluid should also be checked when checking the oil. Fixing problems before they start is a great way to conserve money, time, and natural resources.

If any of the following indicators are experienced, the steering system should be checked by a professional mechanic: 

  • Excess movement in the steering wheel 
  • Steering difficulty 
  • Shimmying, wobbling, shaking, or pulling to one side under normal driving conditions 
  • Squealing sounds when making turns
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