Starting the Vehicle

Standard/Manual Transmission:

Be sure the gearshift knob is in neutral and the emergency brake is set. 

Place the key in the ignition switch. 

Depress the brake pedal before starting the engine. (In some vehicles, the clutch must also be depressed to start the ignition.) 

Start the engine and once it starts, immediately release the ignition switch (and the clutch if applicable). Repetitive failure to immediately release the ignition switch can result in damage to the starter and flywheel. 

Regardless of where you live and what temperature it is outside, you should give it a few minutes to warm up. This allows oil to flow through the engine before you start moving. 

Once the engine has warmed, depress the clutch pedal with your left foot and place the gear in first. The gearshift knob will usually have a diagram of the shift pattern. 

Once you are certain you are in the proper gear, depress the brake with your right foot and release the emergency brake with your hand. 

Slowly release the clutch pedal, while at the same time, release the foot brake and slowly depress the accelerator. The vehicle will begin to move forward. 

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