Space Management System Zones Cont'd

Using the last diagram on the previous page, assume that the three red-bordered zones (1, 3, 4) are open zones, and that the black-bordered, blue-bordered, and green-bordered zones (2, 5, 6) contain other vehicles and are closed.

Now, answer these questions to yourself:

1). You are occupying the center zone, and car in zone 6 is driving very close to your rear bumper.  Which action(s) could you safely do?

  • a).  speed up into zone #1
  • b). escape into zone #2
  • c).  escape into zone #3
  • d). a  & b
  • e). a & c

2). True or False.  The truck traveling in zone #2, moves into zone #1. You are occupying the center zone. After signaling appropriately and checking mirrors, you can then safely move into zone #2.

3). The car in zone 5 is acting erratically, weaving into zone 6, forcing that truck to slow down and drive into an area outside this diagram. This car is now driving fast toward your rear.  What could you do to avoid this aggressive driver?

  • a). increase your space cushion by moving into zone #1
  • b). escape into the recently vacated zone #2
  • c).  escape into zone #3
  • d).  none of these 
  • e).  any of these

4). Now, this aggressive driver is in zone #2.  He suddenly signals and starts to move into zone #1, where you are.  What can you do?

  • a).  slow down and reposition yourself in the center lane
  • b).  refuse to move and see if he dares crash into you.
  •  c).   move into zone #3 if it is open
  •  d).  slow down so much you end up in zone #6
  •  e).  a. & c
  •  f).  none of these


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