After adjusting the mirrors, buckle-up. Statistics show that many teenagers do not wear seatbelts. Here is where peer pressure rears its ugly head. The prospects of looking wimpish or uncool by wearing a seat belt are apparently more frightening to some teens than ending up in a crash. This is unfortunate. Occupants are five times more likely to be killed in a crash when not buckled in. Don’t be surprised if parents link wearing the seat belt with the privilege to drive. Besides, “IT’S THE LAW.” 

You must establish a habit early in your driving that the seatbelt must be buckled before turning the ignition switch and starting the car. It is the law for the driver and all front seat passengers to wear a seat belt. This includes passengers in pick-up beds. Although it is LEGAL for those age 18 and over to refuse to wear seatbelts in the REAR seats only, this is NOT A GOOD IDEA.

To properly wear a seatbelt, the belt must be positioned low and tight across the lap. The shoulder strap should lie snugly across the chest and rest against the collar bone without rubbing on the neck. Many vehicles today have seatbelt height adjustments to make belt use more comfortable. 

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