Wearing Your Seatbelt Can Double Your Chances of Surviving a Crash and Avoiding Serious Injury

Under Virginia law, the driver and all front seat passengers must wear safety belts. A driver transporting anyone younger than age 18 must ensure that the passenger is properly secured in a safety belt, booster seat or child safety seat no matter where the child is seated in the vehicle.

Remember to wear your lap belt low on your lap and against your thighs. Wear your shoulder belt over your shoulder and across your chest. Never wear your shoulder belt behind your back or under your arm. Your shoulder and lap belts should be snug. Pregnant women are much safer if buckled up by wearing the belt as low on the pelvis as possible.

Exception: A waiver of the seatbelt requirement may be granted by a licensed physician if the use of a safety belt is not reasonable due to the driver’s or passenger’s physical or medical condition. The person granted the waiver must carry the physician’s signed written statement identifying the person with the waiver and the reason for the waiver.

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