Hand Position

Sit straight but relaxed and place your hands on the steering wheel. If your steering wheel were a clock, your hands should be at the 8 o’clock and 4 o’clock positions. Hold the wheel with your fingers and thumbs. Avoid gripping it with your palms.

course hand position

Speed Limits

A speed limit is the maximum legal speed you can travel on a road under ideal conditions. You may drive slower than the posted speed, but it is illegal to drive any faster. By law you must drive slower where signs indicate a school zone speed limit or work zone speed limit is in effect, and/or if conditions such as road construction or bad weather make the posted speed unsafe. It is illegal to use radar detectors in Virginia.


You must always stop your vehicle:

  • at all stop signs, red traffic lights and flashing red signals
  • when entering a street or crossing over a sidewalk from a driveway, alley, building or parking lot
  • at railroad crossings with flashing signals
  • when signaled by flaggers directing traffic 
  • for pedestrians attempting to cross the street at a crosswalk
  • at the direction of a police officer. If you don’t obey a law enforcement officer’s signal to stop and the officer pursues you and is killed as a direct result of the pursuit, you will be guilty of a Class 4 felony.
  • at the scene of a crash in which you are involved

When approaching a stop sign and the car in front of you proceeds, stop at the sign and proceed when the way is clear.

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