Risk Awareness

Risk Awareness requires identifying the risks associated when you drive.  Risks are created by: 

  • Our own limitations as a driver. Not all people react to situations the same.
  • The vehicle we drive has limitations. Larger vehicles can be less stable and have reduced visibility around the vehicle. Smaller vehicles are harder for other drivers to see.
  • The environment we drive in has its own limitations. Driving in areas where there are hills and mountains requires special skills. Urban or city driving has increased risks because many other people are using the roadway as well. As you are now well aware, risk is any every-day part of driving on the Highway Transportation System (HTS). Risk can be defined as chance of injury, damage or loss.

Every driver accepts a certain level of risk when driving a vehicle. Even if every driver on the road performed perfectly and never made one mistake, drivers would still face risk on the roadway. Nature herself can be risky. Heavy rain, slick ice, and falling trees—these are unpredictable at times. Read more at the National Transportation Safety Administration website at  https://www.nhtsa.gov/sites/nhtsa.dot.gov/files/riskmanagement.pdf

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