Reducing Risk

Once you determine the level of risk from your surroundings, from your car, your own driving ability, or other factors, you CAN do something about it. Taking appropriate action, following your driver training and established best practices and what the law allows can effectively lower your risk of having an unpleasant or dangerous experience.


  1. Never risk more than you can afford to lose.
  2. Do not risk a lot for a little.
  3. Weigh the odds of being successful. Some mistakes cannot be corrected over time!

Good Driving Practices

  1. Communicate Intentions: use turn signals, tap brakes, slow down before turns, use horn to warn or get someone’s attention.
  2. Change Speed: to avoid crash, slow down, brake, speed up, or change lanes.
  3. Change Position or Direction: change position to escape into lane to left or right, so must pay attention to traffic around you to see what options are always available to you. You could turn onto a side street or onto one with less traffic.
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