Rearview and Sideview Mirrors

Once the seats are properly adjusted and you have checked your interior controls, adjust the mirrors. Traffic needs to be viewed clearly from the rear-view mirror for at least 200 feet. Set the rear-view mirror so that you can see the entire back window.

You may have been taught to set the left- and right-side mirrors in a position that allows only a small portion of the side of the vehicle to be seen. This position gives a point of reference when attempting to judge distance and posi­tion of other vehicles. It also overlaps the view of the side and rear-view mirrors. The pictures below demonstrate a different and better mirror orientation.

adjusting rear view mirror

These mirrors are aligned according to Blind spot and Glare Elimination (BGE) settings. Starting by adjusting these side mirrors out approximately 15 degrees. This will widen your field of vision and reduce the mirror blind spot. For the left-side mirror, place your head against the driver side door, looking at the mirror.  Use your hand to adjust the mirror until you can just see alongside the left driver side of your car.  Do the same for the right side.  Position your body roughly in the center of the interior of the vehicle (interior also called the ‘cab’). Now use your hand to adjust the right side mirror until you can just see the right side of the vehicle. 

These settings will reduce blind spots so you can see at a maximum around the vehicle, and it will also eliminate nighttime glare from others’ headlights.

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