Medical Review Program

DMV is responsible for making sure that drivers are able to safely operate motor vehicles. When DMV receives a report that a driver may have a physical or mental condition that affects his ability to drive safely, a medical review of the driver may be conducted. DMV is concerned about any condition that impairs the driver’s:

  • level of consciousness 
  • perception (vision)
  • judgement
  • motor skills

Depending upon the situation, DMV may require you to submit a medical or vision report completed by your physician and/or to pass the two-part knowledge exam and/or road skills test.

Once the medical review is completed, DMV will decide whether to:

  • suspend your driving privilege
  • restrict your driving privilege
  • require you to submit periodic medical and/or vision reports, or
  • end the medical review with no other requirements

If DMV suspends your driving privilege as a result of medical review action, you will not be required to present legal presence proof documents to reinstate your driving privilege unless required to do so for another suspension/revocation or your license expires. Refer to the DMV publication, Medical Fitness for Safe Driving (MED 80), for more detailed information on the Medical Review Program.

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