Other Common Vehicle Systems

Locking Steering Wheel Mechanism – This feature is primarily an anti-theft mechanism. In vehicles that have a key that is inserted into the ignition, the steering wheel may automatically lock when the key is removed. In vehicles without a keyed ignition, (sometimes referred to as ‘keyless entry’ or ‘push button start’) the lock will typically be engaged when the button switch is in OFF mode and the door is opened. As always, remember that vehicle systems can vary widely, and it’s always best to read your owner’s manual. 

The Charging System – produces electrical power while the engine is running to operate all the electrical components and recharge the battery. This consists of a drive belt, alternator, voltage regulator, wiring, and battery. 

The Starting System- permits the driver to turn the ignition switch to activate an electric motor, Solenoid switch, wiring, and battery. 

The Accessory Circuits- power the lights, safety systems, and accessories. This system includes the fuse box, wiring, and any electrically powered equipment.

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