Operating YOUR Vehicle

Now, you are ready to begin thinking about physically getting behind the wheel and moving into the flow of traffic toward your pre-determined destination.  You will need to complete a pre-drive check before you head out.

Pre-Drive Check

  • If you are in a parking lot, always approach from the REAR of the vehicle. Why? So you can check for hazards that you might be backing in to (or over), such pedestrians, shopping carts, toys, children playing, pets, and debris.
  • Glance at tires to see if any are flat or low. This may indicate tires need air or replacement. Check under car for leaks.
  • If from the curb or private garage, enter from the FRONT of the vehicle.
  • Check for oncoming traffic just outside the garage or around curbside.

Steps to Entering the Vehicle

  • Approach car, key in hand. Unlock doors.
  • Store personal items of value in the trunk.
  • Open door cautiously so that you don’t hit another vehicle or object.
  • Enter the vehicle, and place keys on the dashboard.
  • With both hands, fasten your seatbelt.
  • LOCK doors.
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