Operating YOUR Vehicle Cont'd

Three – Point Turnabouts

These are sometimes called Y-turns, which are not the same as Y-intersections (see Module 3).  They may be available to you if no driveway is available, if traffic is light, or you cannot drive around the block, or even if the available space prevents a U-turn where one is at least permitted. This is the most dangerous turnabout.

The main steps to this type of turnabout are:

  1. Drive forward and move to right. Stop close to the RIGHT edge of roadway or curb.
  2. Search for a 20-30 second gap in traffic. Do not attempt if you do not have 20-30 seconds. Signal a left turn.
  3. Move slowly forward while turning the steering wheel rapidly to the left. When front wheels are almost to the curb, STOP.
  4. Check traffic left and right. Shift vehicle into REVERSE. Slowly back up, turning the wheel to the RIGHT.
  5. Shift into DRIVE. Check traffic. Signal your intention and accelerate to posted speed.
turnabouts diagram 3
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