Operating YOUR Vehicle Cont'd

Two-point Turnabouts:  Backing into Driveway on LEFT Side

  1. Check Traffic Flow as you approach the driveway.
  2. Signal and position your vehicle 3-6 inches from center yellow line. Remember, you are in the right lane, planning to turn LEFT.
  3. When traffic is clear, turn left into the driveway and STOP.
  4. Shift to REVERSE, monitor pathway back.
  5. Back out slowly but steadily, turning wheel rapidly to the RIGHT as you exit driveway.
  6. STRAIGHTEN wheels, centering your vehicle in lane of roadway.
  7. Shift into DRIVE. Check traffic and accelerate to posted speed.

Why is it safer to back into a driveway and then pull out?  Answer:

When you back into a driveway and then pull out, you have a better view of potential hazards than if you had to back out in reverse.

turnabout diagram 2
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