Operating YOUR Vehicle Cont'd

Two-point Turnabouts:  Backing into Driveway on Right Side

  1. Check traffic flow as you approach the driveway.
  2. Signal 3-4 seconds or 100 feet before the driveway.
  3. Drive past the driveway approximately 25 feet.
  4. At the same time, gradually maneuver the vehicle 2-3 feet from the curb, then STOP.
  5. Shift to REVERSE, monitor your pathway back.
  6. Back up slowly.
  7. When rear of vehicle begins to approach the driveway, turn wheel rapidly to the RIGHT.
  8. Begin entering driveway, straighten wheels and center car in driveway.
  9. Straighten wheels. You should now be facing outward toward the street.
  10. Signal LEFT and exit driveway when path is clear.
turnabouts diagram
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