Operating YOUR Vehicle Cont'd

Starting the Vehicle

  • Release the parking brake.
  • Place LEFT foot on dead pedal, and press brake with RIGHT foot.
  • With gearshift in PARK (P), insert ignition key, turn and release. Some ignition systems may require depressing a button. Read the owner’s manual for details.
  • Scan instrument panel for warning lights. Pay particular attention to temperature gauge, oil pressure, battery, check engine and speed (RPM). Some or all of these gauges may momentarily flash or turn on, but after the car starts, they will grow dark. If any remain on in an amber color, or are flashing, steer to the side of the road and call for roadside assistance.
  • Turn on headlights.
  • Visually identify the open space and target on the roadway. Then steer toward it.
  • Shift into the proper gear. Usually Drive (D).
  • Scan for hazards in the roadway.
  • Signal your intentions. If turning right, turn on the right turn signal. Turn the steering wheel to the right. For left turns, turn on the left turn signal. Turn the steering wheel to the left.
  • When safe, release the brake pedal, and slowly and carefully enter traffic, matching lawful speed.
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