Nighttime Safe Driving Tips

Driving on a peaceful night can lull you into a sense of security. To make sure you’re in good shape safety-wise, follow these tips:

Make sure your headlights and brake lights are in proper working order.

Turn on your lights earlier rather than later, especially if you don’t have daytime running lights. Having your headlights on about an hour before the sun goes down will make it easier for other drivers to see you at dusk.

Carinal Rule: be careful with your high beams so you don’t blind others. This will make visibility that much tougher on other drivers.

Dim your interior lights. Lights in your car could cause nighttime glare on the windshield or attract your attention away from the road.

Slow down and keep an eye on the speedometer. Driving fast cuts down on your ability to react to whatever comes out of the dark. Increase your following distance. Avoid nighttime glare.

Try not to look at oncoming headlights. Instead, focus ont her ight side of the road near the white lines.

Keep your windshield squeaky clean and have plenty of windshield spray in the trunk to refill if necessary.

If you feel sleepy, find somewhere safe to nap and get some shut-eye.

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