Lubrication System

Do you know how to check your engine’s oil? How much oil should you have? When should you change it? These questions can be definitively answered by your vehicle owner’s manual.

Generally, you will check your oil with a dip stick when your engine is cold (not running for approximately a half an hour). Make sure your car is on level ground. When you locate the dip stick (it has a hooked or circular handle) pull it out and wipe off the oil that is currently on it. Put the dip stick back in and pull it out again. Now look at the gauge at the bottom of the dipstick.

The oil should be anywhere between the “Add” line and the “Fill” line. If the oil is at or below the “Add” line, you need to put more oil in. 

Most vehicles need one quart of oil if the oil is at the “Add” line. Running your vehicle on too little oil can overheat your engine or even destroy it. If it is above the “Fill” line, you have too much oil. Do not add any more.  If you see very little oil at the end of the dipstick, wipe it clean, insert again, pull it out and see if the same reading occurs.  If so, put in a quart of oil, wait a few minutes, then repeat the checking dipstick process.  If it is still significantly low, have it serviced soon.

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